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#beautyfest is YouTube's first virtual summit celebrating the beauty community. The two-hour-long show featured over thirty beauty creators and celebrities in over a dozen entertaining segments.

Client YouTube  Segments 14  Views 


For the second year, we worked with YouTube on its annual festival celebrating all things beauty. This year, the festival had both a live and pre-taped component. We produced 10 segments with icons such as Jennifer Aniston and Hailey Bieber.

Client YouTube  Segments 10 


The award-winning Vogue series that changed the way celebrity interviews are done on the internet.

Client Vogue  Videos 74  Views




We worked with Therabody on bringing to life their campaign with brand ambassador and NBA star Tyler Herro.

Client Therabody


The iconic, annual Vanity Fair interview with the biggest pop star on the planet. The world watches Billie grow up in real time and react to previous versions of herself.

Client Vanity Fair  Videos Views  


In celebration of Pride month, we partnered with Instagram to put a spotlight on two talented skaters from the LGBTQ+ community. The skaters showcased their superlative skate tricks.

Client Instagram



With almost one billion YouTube views, the Wired Autocomplete Interview is most viewed video format in the Conde Nast portfolio.

Client Wired  Videos 185  Views


YouTube hosted an interactive livestream that had people all over the world playing their way through some of the biggest YouTube trends of the year. We created the video recapping the live experience.

Client YouTube  Views  25,081,800 


In this YouTube series, celebrities revisit their answers to interview questions and quotes from throughout their career – and attempt to answer those same queries as the person they are today!

Client Audible  Videos 2  Views    




The concepts developed for the Bon Appétit  test kitchen helped demonstrate culinary superpowers in a memorable way that built an adoring army of fans.

Client Bon Appétit  Views


In this interview format for Audible, celebrities are tasked with imagining their alter-ego personalities while an artist sketches the creation in real time.

Client Audible  Videos 1  Views


We not only got famous musicians to react to cover artists playing their songs for Glamour, but then showed those reactions to the cover artists themselves. An emotional rollercoaster of surprise ensues. 

Client Glamour  Videos 52  Views


Alongside Den of Thieves, we've helped develop and shape the celebrity formats that exist inside YouTube Originals' show RELEASED, airing weekly. 

Client YouTube  Views






Technique Critique

This series for Wired has the top experts in various professional fields, from surgical residents to dialect coaches, reacting to scenes from movies.

Client Wired  Videos 29   Views 


In this franchise, excited and inquisitive fans have the chance to ask their favorite celebrities quirky, personal and revealing questions.

Client Audible  Videos 5  Views


Together with Havas, we created TikTok assets for TD Ameritrade focused on highlighting their new educational tools for trading.

Client TD Ameritrade

Screen Shot 2021-11-18 at 1.47.53 PM.png

We took to the streets of New York with Hasan Minhaj to creatively give away presents featured in NTWRK's 2021 holiday gift guide.

Client NTWRK



Screen Shot 2021-05-06 at 6.00.16 PM.png

A celebrity interview series more self-explanatory than anything else. 

Client Vabity Fair Videos 44   Views

The Story of Us Barack Obama Campaign

Obama was running for reelection. This video helped tell the story of his first term in office - by being told through various social media platforms. 

Client Obama Campaign   Views

Fresh Prince of Bel Air Google Translate

CDZA was a NYC-based music collective that placed over 150 conservatory trained musicians in witty, clever, experimental viral music videos. In just 18 months, the channel grew to 300k subscribers and traveled the world as Google's house band​.

Client CDZA   Views


An interview series for Vanity Fair that asks increasingly intimate interview questions as the camera dollies closer and closer to a celebrity's face. Of course, was parodied by Jimmy Fallon.

Client Vanity Fair  Videos 4  Views






This was the first series to introduce the concept of education in the form of levels of increasing complexity. Each episode features an expert explaining a concept in 5 levels from a kid all the way to peer.

Client Wired  Videos 12  Views


A series that takes America's most experienced masters of disguise, body language and espionage and lets them reveal the insights and expertise of their craft.​

Client Wired  Videos 9  Views

Screen Shot 2021-05-06 at 6.01.16 PM.png

One the slickest, most popular home tour series around.

Client AD  Videos 106  Views

Screen Shot 2021-05-06 at 5.55.12 PM.png

As a sister-series to "5 levels", this video series challenges experts to teach their craft in many increasing levels of complexity. ​

Client Wired  Videos 8  Views





The Story of Sushi

Bamboo Sushi asked for a video that could promote the fact they were the only sustainable sushi restaurant in America. By teaming up with genius miniature maker Lori Nix and Kathleen Gerber, this webby-honoree film was made.

Client Bamboo Sushi  Views

Mama Hope African Men Hollywood Stereotypes

A video for the non-profit Mama Hope that has African Men sarcastically playing up their warlord stereotypes in Hollywood cinema. This video helped launch the  viral "Stop the Pity" campaign. 

Client Mama Hope  Views


This unique interview format for W Magazine sees celebrities preforming one of the most satisfying and odd trends on the internet: ASMR.

Client W  Videos 50  Views

Screen Shot 2021-09-12 at 4.33.15 PM.png

We creatively directed an explainer video for OneOf, the world's most sustainable NFT platform geared towards the music industry.

Client OneOf





Truist Bank wanted to create a campaign that revealed what truly mattered to NFL quarterbacks. In this format, the athletes reveal what's in their locker.

Client Truist Bank  Videos 4  Views




During his six years leading the development and execution of repeatable video formats for Condé Nast Entertainment, Joe Sabia set the bar for how media companies can successfully pivot to digital video. In 2020, Joe, who still moonlights as the voice of Vogue's 73 Questions, launched Studio Sabia and grew a team guided by his unique creative approach.


Studio Sabia is a creative services agency offering unique concepts, development, production, and content strategy. As an ensemble of artists and producers, we do work for brands, agencies, celebrities and for ourselves.

Video Development & Strategy

We help companies create compelling, shareable concepts and turn them into successful, repeatable video formats.

Celebrity Videos

With over 10 years of experience working with
A-list talent, we offer expertise on how to create engaging and unique celebrity content.

YouTube Channel Strategy

We offer platform best practices and programming strategy to increase organic audience, subscriber numbers, and earned media success.

Video Production

We offer full production services, including directing and editing video projects. We also integrate seamlessly with in-house production teams.

Workshops & Seminars

We offer workshops to help teams with ideation, concept development and creative execution.

General Creative Support

We help people feel more creatively confident in their decisions.


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